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About Spacecialist

A multidisciplinary team, with hands-on experience, Nonparallel in the region. Thanks to our experience in the different fields of aerospace engineering, SPACECIALIST chose to concentrate the activity to three core fields.
Apr 19, 2011
Signing with Elbit systems
Mar 18, 2013
Starting Duchifat-1 Project
Jun 19, 2014
Co-Founding Sky and Space Global
Jun 23, 2017
Operating satellites From home
Jul 1, 2021
Jul 12, 2009
1st customer in Israel RAFAEL
Feb 22, 2012
Co-founding Effective Space Solutions (Astroscale_IL)
Aug 1, 2013
Duchifat-1 Launch
Nov 24, 2015
3 Diamonds Launch
Mar 1, 2020
Establishing My Space Academy

About our services

SPACECIALIST has a unique ability to become your space technology leaders and managers, or be part of your team.
No other company in the world can offer such capabilities

C' Level leaders

C' level engagmnet - CCO, CTO, COO and even CEO

External advisors

Zero time learning curve, delivering from DAY 1

Chief systems engineer - our success stories are still in orbit today with 100% success rate

Project management - need a professional PM to lead your team? give us a call

External Reviews

"Red Team" services for design reviews, critical milestones and anomaly investigations

Due diligence services for VC and Funds

About System Engineering

Professional System engineering experts at your service for:
Problem definition
Requirements engineering and technical writing
System /Sub-system design

the founders

Maya Glickman-Pariente​

20 years of experience in space missions planning and satellite operations, STK Master (Level-3) certification B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering and M.E. in systems engineering from the Technion
2003 International Space University (ISU) summer session program alumni

Meidad Pariente​

25 years of experience in designing, building and operating satellites B.Sc. in Physics from Tel Aviv University, M.E. in Systems Engineering from the Technion
Satellite operator: AMOS-1
Systems Engineer: AMOS-2

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