series of space related lectures


SPACECIALIST specializes in space and offers a series of space related lectures, the lecture that SPACECIALIST offers are suitable for 7th grade and up. The lectures are tailored to the level of the participants (by age and major studies)

  • The history of space exploration
  • The solar system and interstellar missions
  • The moon, Earth's natural satellite
  • Why do we need satellites?
  • The Space Environment
  • The nano-sats revolution
  • How to: build a satellite
  • Can you hack a satellite?
  • Mining resources in Space
  • Exploring Science from Space
  • Space technologies in our day-to-day lives
  • Exploring planets: past, present and future
  • Cyber threats in space
  • Space policy
  • Outer Space Treaty

Soon a purchase of video lecture will be available online...