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The Spanish company Zero2Infinity, is a well-known company with global experience in operating stratospheric balloons. Zero2Infinity balloons reaches the lower area of the stratosphere (approximately 50 kilometres), those unique balloons, have high precision soft landing capabilities which allow the recovery of the experiment equipment safely back to earth.

With the use of these balloons everyone can design, build and deploy experiments and researches in various fields such as physics, biology, bio-medical engineering, pharmacology, Chemistry etc.

Among these experiments there are:

  • Space environment studies
  • Stellar observations
  • Earth observations
  • Zero-gravity experiments
  • Effects of cosmic radiation on organisms
  • Free Fall experiments
  • Aerodynamics
  • Study of asteroids and “shooting stars”.

The experiment itself takes approximately 4 hours and is conducted in Spain, the experiment  planning is done by the participants (students) accompanied by teachers or SPACECIALIST engineers, either way the experiment start after a two hours guidance which includes:

  • Balloon's flight data and the different conditions in which the experiment will be conducted at.
  • General experiment requirements
  • General acquaintance  with the operating instructions
  • Time schedule

Experiment cost for schools or acknowledged academic institution is 2000 USD for each 1kg of equipment.

The balloon is capable to carry up to 600 kg.

Experiments can be designed in different packages, and you can even do experiments using Cubesat  Nano-type satellites in 1U, 3U and 6U sizes.

As part of SPACEIALIST engineers' support, it is possible to get a series of lectures to cover all subjects related of space environment. The series consists of 12 two-hour lectures (about 24 hours), up to 40 participants in a lecture.

Among lecture topics one can find:

  • Near space environment, temperature and other conditions
  • Gravity and Newton's laws
  • Earth's atmosphere
  • Earth Magnetic field and its related physical phenomena
  • Space Medicine and Biology